August 6th came up wayyyy faster than I anticipated. Although I knew when I was boarding my plane from Hamburg to America, back at the beginning of June, this was going to happen, I didn’t quite anticipate summer vacation being SO fast. Blink of an eye, fast.

I resumed with my usual schedule of “Let’s cram everybody I know in to a small period of time, because yes I can!” Which meant 3 weddings, visitors, concerts, bachelorette parties, reunions..you name it, I did it. And did it well.

This summer was an incredible one, dare I say, the best one yet. I built on relationships in my life through all of the fun that I had as well as creating a lot of solid new ones. 

Being that summer was so special to me, it made leaving home, leaving family, leaving friends, leaving America that much harder. I don’t ever recall it being this hard to leave in the past. Yes, I was always sad and shedding tears at departure but this year was different. I felt so strongly in my heart how much I wanted to be where I was in that moment.

In the back of my mind I knew I was ready to be in Hamburg, I couldn’t be more excited for this year. I couldn’t feel more like I am where I am supposed to be surrounded by such a great club and ready to embark on a huge challenge with a new team. I had trained all summer and I was ready. 
But still there was home, all that summer love just tugging at me. 

I had a long journey to think about all of my thoughts and feelings, but it didn’t really hit me until I was driving in the car with our team manager who had picked me up from the airport, as we were driving past the harbor. A new alive was sparking inside of me, a feeling of familiarity. 
I do love this city so much. And chatting with a familiar face and seeing the beautiful city view, I was brought back to what I loved, here in Hamburg.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson about myself; I am a very, “In the moment” type of person. Where ever I am at the time, I love a lot and hard, and get everything I can out of that situation. This has it’s drawbacks, as I am seeing now, as I become more of this person, it makes leaving the people and places I have loved even harder to leave. 

But, I have to remember that the next place I am going will be just as great, not the same but exciting in other ways.

The last couple of weeks the song ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’ by Phillip Phillips has been harping at my heart strings and when I was walking through the city today taking in everything I put it all together…

"I’m not moving on, I love you long after you’re gone.
Like a drum baby don’t stop beating, Like a drum my heart never stops beating for you”

I feel like this really sums up my life. I am constantly on the move. Constantly creating and building relationships. But I constantly have to leave those relationships and places. This song says that I will love you long after I’ve gone, my heart never stops beating for you. 

My heart is always beating for the special people in my life and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to travel and create so many great ties throughout the world.

Now it is on to year number 4 overseas! And I couldn’t be more ready and excited to see what Hamburg has in store for me this year :)

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