The story of the PASSPORT.

I was 20 years old when I received my first passport, I say first because my goal is to have multiple in my lifetime. When I was smiling for that first picture those words were definitely not going through my head. I had no idea how traveling the world was about to change my life.

I was lucky enough to play for a program, Texas A&M, that took their teams on European tours every four years. Outside of being born in Alaska, this would be the first time I would be outside the good ol USA.

That was the very beginning of a still continuing journey around the world. I will never forget one of the last nights in Europe at the end of our 2 week tour through Italy, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic. Walking across the Charles Bridge and talking to, my now life long friend, Cory. He was the man behind the operation, not only the tours but the agency of getting players over to play professionally in Europe post college. That talk launched us in to contact and after I graduated college I went back to Cory and pursued my dream of playing overseas.

The journey started with volleyball, and it is still backed by the sport. It has allowed me to put 20 different countries in my passport. Leading me to a whole realm of friendships with people of all different cultures. The relationships I have created are still unreal to me. From Europe to China I have created memories and each stamp in my passport has a story to tell. Some more believable than others haha but a very valuable asset to me.

Traveling has the unique ability to open your mind, get outside of your comfort zone, and your box. When we have the ability to open ourselves up to new possibilities and ways of life, life takes on a whole new meaning.

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