Friday, September 27, 2013

We're VIP members!! McDonalds :)

Yes it's true, this week we received our official VIP cards from our beloved Ronald McDonald. We get 10 percent off because they sponsor our team!

McDonalds are different in Europe than they are in America. When I think of ones in America I think of not such great things..but the ones here are much nicer. I'm still not sure why that is but probably because Europe is more in to the relaxing side of things so they include a McCafe with good coffees and baked goods and usually have nice lounge areas. Not a bad deal. 

The same evening we got to trade in our gym shoes and knee pads for high heels and make up..what? What's that? Yes we actually got to look like girls! So fun, I love these nights and great perks of the job. It was the Fall Bild Sport Stammtisch which is where the various sports teams from Hamburg and the press are invited to an evening just to hang out and enjoy each other's company. 

Get dressed up, eat and drink for free and hang out with other athletes? Eh, twist my arm :)

This weekend we are going in to our LAST pre season tournament in Potsdam, Germany. That means season is right around the corner! Unbelievable! And SO exciting :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, really sleep. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell. And when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be ALIVE. You will be dead soon enough."

Well said Ernest Hemingway, very well said...

Monday, September 16, 2013

you get what you GIVE

Do you believe in karma? I sure do! One of my life mottos is; you get what you give.
It is all connected. This video is a good reminder of that.. watch and think about it..

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Learning another language..

"Ich habe sieben Geschwister"
is very different from
"Ich habe sieben geschwitzter"

One is talking about siblings and one can be mistaken as referring to your sweat.
Funny how just mixing up 2 letters can make that much of a difference, but very important indeed haha

I found out this critical information as we were recording for our introduction videos for the team. Yes I do sweat a lot but I would rather not go around talking about that, bragging about my siblings is much more enjoyable :)

In the video I finally say it correctly, although you don't see the 18 cuts beforehand when I could not teach my tongue to spit out 'wister'. Rather it was 'witzer'.

But this is how you learn another language. Repetition. Over and over and over again.

It is the reason why at this point my German language repetoir consists mainly of volleyball lingo. Because after hearing practices twice a day every day in German, you tend to hear certain words repeated and then they become embedded in your memory bank.

After being 1 year in Germany, I have to say I am impressed with how much I have been able to pick up but I still have a very long long way to go.

One of my biggest pet peeves about Americans is our ability to speak one and only one language. Many of the europeans I come across are minimum 2 and most often up to 4 or 5. It's mind blowing. And awesome.

So on I continue learning the language, but not without many more laughs to come with common mix ups of sweating and siblings, this I can always count on :)

Here is the final and correctly spoken cut of the video! Enjoy!

This past week has been full of introducing the team to the city, sponsors and press! 

Pictures, pictures and more pictures! 
At the press conference

The of my favorite places in the city!

Check out the new Copper girls 2013 :)

We took a boat through the harbor to our press conference.. rainy but awesome!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


12 years ago hate ruled our world. Let it always be a reminder to us, to always spread love. Never Forget. Proud to be an American.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the little boy that lights a fire in my heart

Sebastian Michael Ammerman turns the big 1-0 today.

Double digits, I can't believe it!

Although it feels like yesterday that the little guy was born, I think it is safe to say he has overcome more trials and tribulations than a middle aged person at this point in his life.

Down syndrome, fighting and winning the battle of leukemia cancer, cerebral palsy, several surgeries to enlarge his throat, and the most recent trial; major hip surgery.

Yes those are all real things that this kid has taken on. And with a smile. I have never come across a more peaceful, happy human in my life. And he has had the world thrown at him.

This kid exudes love with every fiber in his being. Sebastian has taught me how to dance in the rain, always keep swimming and to truly enjoy life.

When you're around him you can't help but feel your heart grow 5 times it's normal size and the smile on your face remains constant without having to think about it.

Sebastian has been one of the biggest gifts in my life, he has shown me the true meaning of; no obstacle is too big. And, that bringing a positive attitude to every situation is always the best route.

We all go through tough times, have hard days, experience hard ship; at the end of the day, yes, life is hard. But if Sebastian can continue living his life with love in every action, than so can I.

My favorite moments are holding him and dancing in the kitchen and singing in his ear and feeling him wrap his every limb tighter and tighter around me in excitement and hearing his laugh echo throughout the room like he doesn't have a care in the world; soaking up the feeling of that present moment in every way he knows how.

Sebastian touches people and makes them feel something in a way I can't put in to words but is in such a way that makes any person believe in love and miracles. He's the star of his class and every room he enters.

I wish I could be with him on this day of accomplishing 10 knock out years of life. He has taught me more about life without ever uttering a single word and today I celebrate him; being a champion at life.

I love you my main man Sebastian, keep conquering the world and teaching us all how at the same time. I am behind you always!

"People like us, we don’t need that much
Just someone that starts, starts the spark in our bonfire hearts" 
-James Blunt

Friday, September 6, 2013

Baltic Sea Adventures

Lesson of the day: There are TWO types of jelly fish! Who knew? Not me.
I've been stung by a jelly fish before, in Puerto Rico, swimming at night; it's not pleasant.
But good news there is another type that is white, the ones that sting are red.
If they're white you can pick them up and play with them! Slimy, yes. And, fun?
Some of our girls even liked playing catch, like with a dog, if you throw a stick at them.. we're just not sure if they live after they catch it... mysteries unsolved...

To sum it up, you can play with WHITE jelly fish and don't have to be pee'd on by your friend afterwards! Jelly fish are your friends! (at least at the Baltic Sea) :)

My jelly fish friends 

Beach bums at the Baltic Sea

Ducks and volleyball checking out the scenery

First time at the Baltic Sea!

Chowing down some seriously good food at Mama and Papa Malte's :) Vielen Dank!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Caution when riding Hamburg Ferris Wheels

It looked just like any other ferris wheel.. and somehow turned in to the spinning tea cups at Disney World...

"Should we go?"
"Eh, I don't know is it worth 4 euros?"
"Well, it's just a ferris wheel, but could be a cool view"
"Ok why not, when else can you see Hamburg from the top of a ferris wheel?"
"Ok let's do it. You only live once."

Famous last words. Round 1 and 2 were leisurely and nice; normal. Round 3 we got in position to take pictures at the top with the great view of the city..and then things took a turn.

Apparently the men working the ferris wheel; letting people on and off of each cart, were quite bored. Four days in a row of this, probably gets pretty monotonous.

They saw us get on, 2 American tourists just enjoying their day, and boom targets spotted and they were ready to have some fun, at our expense.

This is what round 3 looked like...

Alyssa was so caught off guard she couldn't even video it right side up haha
And then when we thought they were done and were going to stop us, a second guy got up and flung us even harder for round 4...

It was a good Summerfest day and needless to say, the ferris wheel is forever changed for me haha

Looking awkward while posing with my Spanish lunch :)

It's called Summer fest..but we were cold in the rain. That's Hamburg for ya :)

Pre Ferris Wheel Spin.. feeling happy!

Post Ferris Wheel spin.. Feeling dizzy... haha